Rules of the Ringers 1888

In 1888 a Society of Poynton bell ringers was formed. The rules of the Society still hang on the wall in the tower in beautiful copperplate handwriting. They were signed by the Vicar, the two Churchwardens and eight of the ringers.




1st       To promote the intelligent study of Bellringing

2nd      To raise the tone and association of the Belfry

3rd        To claim for the Ringers their position among the Officers of the Church

4th        To claim for the art of ringing its due place in the Services of the Church


  1. That this Society be called the “Poynton Parish Church Society of Ordinary and Voluntary Bellringers”.
  1. That it shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Honorary Members and Ordinary Members.
  1. That the Vicar and Churchwardens of Poynton for the time being shall be Vice Presidents, with such other persons being Members as shall contribute not less than Five Shillings per annum.
  1. That any Ordinary Members of this Society shall be connected with Poynton Parish Church and shall attend the Services.
  1. That the Meetings of the Society for the transaction of business shall take place on the first Tuesday in March and September, and at any other times of which the Secretary shall give notice, and that the Officers shall be elected at the March Meeting.
  1. That all Subscribers of Two Shillings and upwards shall be Honorary Members and that the Ordinary Members shall pay One Shilling per annum in advance. The standard number of Ordinary Members to be eight.
  1. That three months notice shall be given by anyone previous to his withdrawal from the Society.
  1. That the Election of Ordinary Members to supply any vacancies shall be a majority of votes of the Society on the nomination of Ordinary Members the voting to be by ballot, and subject to confirmation by the Vicar and Wardens.
  1. That Members whose names are down for ringing shall be present in the Belfry on Sunday at 9.55am and 5.55pm, also on the following days at 6.55am viz Easter Sunday and Christmas Day; also at ll.45pm on New Years Eve. Any Member arriving five minutes late after the above stated times shall pay a fine of sixpence.
  1. That the Ordinary Members shall, at the Meeting in March, choose from their own body a person to act as Conductor. Any Member taking persons into the Belfry whilst ringing for Service, without permission of the Conductor, shall pay a fine of threepence for each person.
  1. That any Ordinary Member guilty of insobriety, using profane language or otherwise misconducting himself within the precincts of the Church shall pay a fine of not less than One Shilling for every offence.
  1. That previous to ringing for any Service a Prayer shall be said in the Belfry by the Vicar – (if present), or by the Secretary or Conductor.
  1. That except for Practice and Services the bells shall not be rung on any occasion without the consent of the Vicar.
  1. That the times for Practice for Ordinary Members be on Tuesday Evenings from 7.30 to 9.00pm regularly, and on such other times as the Ringers may arrange among themselves with the consent of the Vicar. Any Member arriving after the stated time shall pay a fine of threepence, and if absent for any other cause except work or sickness a fine of sixpence.
  1. That no alteration be made to the Rules except at a General Meeting of Members of which one week’s notice shall be given; and that a copy of these Rules, signed by the Ordinary Members, be suspended in the Belfry.
  1. Any Ordinary Member absenting himself on three Sundays consecutively, excepting for sickness, shall cease to be a Member of the Society.
  1. That the authority of the Conductor in the Belfry be paramount and anyone not obeying his directions be fined One Shilling.
  1. That the Junior Members (if any) be bound by the aforesaid Rules excepting that their annual payment be Sixpence instead of One Shilling, as for Ordinary Members.



William Broadhurst, Ralph Clayton, Richard Shatwell, William Atkinson, George Potts, Charles Astle, Arthur Wooolrich, Jabez Butterworth


Thos Bridge


Geo C Greenwell, J C Paton