A meeting was held in the School on 17th April 1883, with the Vicar Reverend R.E.P. Grey in the chair, to consider whether or not it would be possible to complete the Church by adding a Tower and Spire. The Vicar laid before the meeting the original plans for the Spire and stated that about £1,500 would be needed to carry out the plans, place some bells in the Tower and `do up’ the interior of the Church. Lord Vernon, who was present, expressed his willingness to give the stone and whatever other help he could, but pointed out that times were hard.

Unfortunately, less than a month later on 1st May, Lord Vernon died. At a well-attended public meeting on 11th October it was decided to add the Tower and Spire as a memorial to the late Lord Vernon. The actual building of the Tower started on 23rd May, when the Vicar laid the first stone.

On 12th February 1885 the top stone of the spire was put in place, 133 feet 10 inches (40.8 meters) above the ground and the spire was dedicated on Easter Tuesday, May 1885.